Oct 9, 2009

Making Silhouettes (Inspired by Nie Nie)

*Beloved blogger, Nie was on Oprah on Wednesday. Nie has inspired so many of us to be better human beings. She once posted a blog with silhouettes she created of her four children. Inspired by her crafty take on a timeless idea I created silhouettes of three little lovelies I know quite well (pictured above are my silhouettes).

My great-grandmother was a wonderfully talented silhouette artist. She could cut silhouettes free-hand while just looking at her subject. One of the treasures in my home is a framed silhouette she created of a horseman riding. In my opinion, a good silhouette should be basic enough to look handmade. I suppose it's a matter of personal preference, but those with too many details end up looking manufactured. Silhouette making was popular in America as a form of portraiture until the invention of the camera in the mid 1800's, when obviously the skill was not lost. Silhouette making and has really been reborn today and revised by artists who now use various media and colors for creating this nostalgic form of art.

Here's a simple way to create silhouettes of your children that takes just a few moments.

How to: take profile pictures of your darlings. Print on regular paper from your home printer (size to desire), then tape onto black paper. Cut around edges cutting thought black paper. Remove copy paper from top and voila! You can also cut around the edges of the photograph alone, and then color/paint the photographs black if you prefer. After I cut through the paper, I used Elmer's glue to paste to plain white paper then popped them in 8 x 10 frames.

Happy silhouette-making!
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nini said...

a bit late, but i'm only reading your blog now... but didn't mammy and grandaddy have silhouette's of the four kids as well?

Caroline said...

Nini, they sure did but this version (thick chunky frames, large 8x10 in size) is almost identical (in style) to the ones that Stephanie Neilson (aka Nie Nie--a nickname just like yours) created for her children on her blog. Since most people reading blogs know her, and not our grandparents, I thought I'd make sure to mention her as an inspiration for the project...

Angela said...

You, my dear, made me think, "That's it, I'm doing it." Thank you for such a great post...I've linked to you to thank you in my little tut' re. my silhouette project

You rock.