Nov 6, 2009

Put A Bird on It!

*the finished project..little hands discover

*This is somewhat of a solo project (see materials above) unless you have older children, but nevertheless--it was simple and only took moments to make. Plus--it will make you smile and that is always a good thing!

*framing makes an impact

*the bird cards..but you can use anything..and magazines are a great place to look

*use good scissors for fine edges

*color with marker or paint black


Projects are always just a brainstorm away...
My greatgrandmother, my grandmother and my mother for that matter, have all always kept "Bird Cards" in their sewing kits. I am not sure of the reason (maybe I should ask) but I suppose it has become a tradition. So, I have these bird cards, new and old, tucked away everywhere. I want to frame some of the good ones, but there are others that have become damaged. What to do? The damaged ones will just remain in a drawer...such a shame, and I am sentimental. I just wanted to make use of them, and when I saw these small black frames (for $1.00 each!)at Joann fabric and Craft store--I had just the idea. Tiny sihouettes!

Here's How To:

Step One: Choose a silhouette to cut out. You can find old books at Goodwill or even pictures in magazines will do. I am using these damaged bird cards of the ones I have, for sentimental reasons.
Step Two: Once you cut out a shape, color with black marker or paint. I used permanent marker since it seemed less messy and has quicker drying time. You could trace the shape (or free-hand) the shape onto black paper, but I skipped a step and made it easy for myself by just coloring the cut-out.
Step Three: paste (I used plain old CVS brand "elmer's" glue) onto any color paper you like.
Step Four: frame for a finished look and enjoy!

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Susan Anderson said...

I like these birds. And you're right, they're kind of bold!


Caroline said...

Thanks, Sue. Even in tiny frames, they are quite bold--and so easy to make.

Holyoke Home said...

Totally and completely creative. What a great idea! Inspirational!

claudia b said...

I like this a lot, I think I might just try it :D

Marcy said...

After stumbling onto your little corner of the world here I was drawn in by these little works of art that have appeared in so many of your posts (I'm thinking of the ever-changing-mantle post) and I just had to keep reading until I found them!