Nov 16, 2009

Label Gallery Art by Your Children

*using the black mat with black frame creates a more contemporary look

*the finished work, hung with love

*super easy: have the little ones color, then peel and stick

*center on the black paper to create a "matted" look

I will be posting twice today: a "How To" post (here) and a "thank you" post next.

This little project literally took me 5 minutes to make. My children did the hard part (they were the artists). The goal with many of my art projects is to make them as simple as possible. Often times we completely avoid participating in any creative activity because we are worried it will take over the whole day, or that it will destroy the house. Hopefully, the projects I highlight in this blog will let you see that being creative (while almost always makes a little mess) can occupy only seconds of your day--and enrich your life for many days, or years to come.

How To:

First, I had my girls color with marker on some Avery printer labels. I used Avery 6878 since they are large and we had them in house. After their work was complete, I peeled off the labels and stuck them on some black craft (scrapbooking paper) but you could also use construction paper. I then popped them in some inexpensive black frames and hung them on the wall.

Easy as pie--Salsa Pie, that is!

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Corrie Howe said...

This is a GREAT idea! My daughter is prolific in her art work. I could probably switch out her work on a regular basis with something like this.

Stopping by from SITS.

Sarah said...

Just found your site (saw it on dear cjane) - LOVE your label artwork idea! So easy!