Dec 15, 2009

Paper Mache Christmas Necklace for Kids: How To

*Paper Mache "Beads" formed by Toddler Hands

Last week, we made some fun Christmas necklaces using ribbon as the "chain" and forming paper mache balls as the "beads". 

I posted about this earlier (in pictures only), and here is the "How To", should you be so inspired:

How To:
Materials Needed:
Aluminum Foil (or Wooden Beads and a toothpick)
Christmas Wrapping Paper (or Colorful Tissue Paper)
White Glue (Elmers or other brand)
Small Paintbrushes

Mixing the Paste:
In a small container, mix 1 part glue to 3 parts water. I just mixed enough to fill a small container about the size of a laundry detergent cap. I figured if I needed more later, I could prepare more. 
Forming the Beads:
For the "beads" you can either use large wooden beads, which form a more perfect round ball covered in  Paper Mache, or as I have found Aluminum foil is much more Kid-friendly. With wooden beads, you have to use a toothpick to hold the beads while you cover in paper Mache. 
Forming round balls, we crunched and rolled the Aluminum foil in our hands, making imperfect shaped balls. I punched holes in the center with a pen (this was off limits to the girls) after we had formed the balls. 
The Paper Mache:
After tearing the Christmas wrapping paper into small pieces, we covered the torn pieces with the glue mixture and wrapped the balls of Aluminum foil with the small pieces of paper until they were covered. we repeated layering the paper. I used my pinky finger to punch holes through the paper aligning with the holes in the balls. The soft, moist paper will conform to the hole.
We allowed the balls to during the day, since our heater is on, they dried rather quickly. 
Stringing the Necklace:

Using some brightly colored ribbon, we strung the Paper Mache "beads" and tied knots around each bead. 

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