Dec 14, 2009

The Vintage Postcard Project and Fuzzy Caterpillars for Kids

I had so many ideas to create something fantastic from the vintage postcards from Japan that I posted about earlier, but there were some constraints that I was working under that made my project forced a little into "keep it simple" land. 
Here's the thing: I didn't want to cut the cards or glue them, in case I ever changed my mind about the project. I didn't want to damage the cards in any way. My grandmother gave me the postcards when I was little, and they are special to me. 
One reader gave me the fantastic idea of scanning them in, but alas, scanning anything with two toddlers and a baby afoot became almost impossible. So, I ended up just framing 9 of my favorite postcards on white archival paper. Actually, I just floated them using archival tape on top of the paper. The frame is one that I've had a long time, and just repurposed it for this project. I can appreciate these now (no longer in a box) and change them out if I wish later. I also have so many left, I can use them for other projects...more brainstorming ahead.

On second thought, sometimes leaving something simple, following the "less is more" philosophy, works well too. 
You decide. 

In other news on the kid front:
 We made some really fun fuzzy caterpillars. We used the leftover materials (white fur trim, black pom-poms, buttons, felt) from other projects: the girl's Halloween costumes, our sock puppet  and working with felt projects to construct these fuzzy little creatures. I made the caterpillars felt crowns and told the girls they were King and Queen caterpillars. The girls helped to construct them by picking out what they wanted to use for the eyes, and telling me how to shape the mouth. I glued everything together while they watched and waited to play with their new fuzzy pals. 

*Simple and fuzzy, this caterpillar makes a unique friend for the day.
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Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Love the fuzzy caterpillars!

sj said...

Those little 'pillars are so cute!

Great idea on the postcards, I collect vintage ones myself and now I have some new ideas!

Anonymous said...

So cute! I think I should go adopt some kids or something so I can play with them (adopt as in babysit or volunteer or mentor or something...I'm not financially ready for kids yet, and the boyfriend might kill me if I brought one home ;)) Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tonya @ The Traveling Praters said...

I'm loving your blog! Love the vintage post card idea. It's inspired me to purchase a frame and add in post cards from our favorite places. It won't be vintage, but it's sure to become a family heirloom. And eventually, it will be vintage!:)