Jan 15, 2010

Little Flower

    Open her eyes to the blessings around her 
    Show her that beauty and goodness surround her. 
    Help her to trust in the future, not fear it. Teach her that dreams are the winds of the spirit, 
    Guide her with wisdom and gentle persuasion 
    For she is God's pleasure -His flower of creation.
    Author Unknown

*Stay Tuned for a new project post on Monday. As a teaser: we will be making something out of tiny gloves! Have a wonderful weekend!
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Anonymous said...

Awesome picture! Love the poem. Really meaningful.

Ellen said...

This is a poem I would like to have read to my daughters....especially as young teens....A prayer of appreciation and love.....I like the red flower peeking out from behind the ear too.

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh my word. How I love that poem. I will be using that and what a great photo! Do you use Photoshop? I am interested in learning more about photography and programs like Photoshop but am such a newbie. Love it!