Mar 10, 2010

Making Paper Dolls in our Pajamas

Making Paper Dolls is such a fun thing to do with your children and the "dolls" don't have to be dolls at all. You can make planes, cars, boats, pirates, or your child's favorite character from a book or movie. Paper dolls first became popular in Europe and the United States in the 1820's when they were sold in boxed sets. My grandmother used to make paper dolls for us by cutting the fashion models (which were all drawings) out of her vintage magazines from the early 1900's. I remember this experience as being so magical!
It's very easy to make your own paper dolls, and to have your children make their own as well or participate in the process. You can either draw your own, or you can cut them out from a printable template such as this one. If you draw your own or if your children draw their own, they don't have to be perfect. The fun is playing with them once they are colored and cut-out, so the actual design should be nothing to stress over. 
For our activity, I drew my own (in the imaginary grown-up likeness of my older daughters). Although they are still a little young to create their own (ages 3 and 4) they were so excited about helping me select colors and designs for the clothing. Afterwards, they played quietly with the paper dolls for much longer than I would have imagined! Definitely a project worth recommending and if you would like the complete How To, click on over to my NEW  tutorial site, How To Salsa Pie , where I will provide you with the complete instructions. 

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Susan Anderson said...

Creation is best done in the company of pajamas.


Joanne said...

I am a firm believer in wearing my PJ's for just about EVERYTHING I do in my house. I'll add paper-doll making to that list! :)

Ellen said...

Oh my girls loved paper dolls when they were small...I still have some of the Mary Englebreit ones she would put in the back of her magazine in hopes of doing this with someday Grandchildren..but I really like what you did of your girls and the clothes are so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

I have such fond memories of paper dolls as a child. What a lovely thing to do - especially in pjs!