Mar 25, 2010


Scones have always seemed like something complicated to make and therefore I never really tried. But when I finally looked for a recipe, I was surprised at how simple they actually were. Baking is one of my favorite creative activities to do with the children because I'm always amazed at how engaged they are, how eager they are to learn, and how willing they are to help. I've also learned so much just experimenting in the kitchen with them, and they've given me the courage to try new things because they always make it fun--sometimes super messy--but always fun. 
For these scones, I scoured online for a recipe that: A. kept it simple and B. only called for ingredients I had.  Finally I found a recipe that had been scaled down in measurements by chefs (but not tested) so I had to tweak the measurements a bit. Click here for my How To Salsa Pie site if you want to see the complete directions.

But for those of you who just want to be inspired by the idea, here is the gist:

Ingredients used
Baking Powder

The children helped to stir the mixture and then formed the dough into balls with their hands.

Simple and fun. And the best part? The kids devoured them!

In progress (left) and the final result (right):

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Anonymous said...

They look yummy! I'll have to try these. I agree that for some reason scones have intimidated me so I've never attempted them but after reading your list of ingredients I am surprised at how simple they are! I think we'll add some raisons :0)
Isn't it great how our kids give us courage without even knowing?

Caroline said...

Kim, raisins sound like a fantastic idea! I was looking around the kitchen for something fun to add and only found chocolate chips, but after the chocolate muffins, and chocolate chip covered yogurt bananas, we were on chocolate chip overload (which I never knew existed).
Another great things about scones: you can add so many things to them like cranberries, blueberries, etc etc..

Susan Anderson said...

Hmmmm...I'm thinking blueberries, myself. But they look yummy, that's for sure.

I think cooking with children is really valuable. These kinds of activities are the ones that build self-confidence, and they help our children esteem themselves much more than handing out empty compliments ever could. Showing them how to act on the world is what really works when it comes to self-esteem.

And boy, are you good at that!


Rebecca said...

We actually have all those ingredients!! Woo Hoo!

leigh hewett said...

Those look so yummy!