Mar 23, 2010

Weekend Wings


This past Friday afternoon we decided to renew our old fairy wings. The girls wanted to make Butterfly wings, and immediately I thought about the fairy wings we once made, and knew that would be the perfect old project to refurbish. I like to remake new things out of old projects because it teaches my children to be resourceful which is the ultimate way to use our imaginations.
So we got out our painting kits and painted away. Afterwards, I felt unusually tired. Everything seemed difficult, even trying to wipe off the table was almost too much to accomplish. Low and behold, it was the same stomach bug that had snuck up on my older girls earlier in the week. It grabbed a fierce hold of me until the next day. Unable to do anything except, be sick, I somehow managed to put the baby (who was, bless her tiny heart, crying) in the crib until my husband came home shortly afterwards. My two older girls  hijacked my make-up kit and drew smiley faces allover the walls with my red lipstick (Awesomeness).  Actually, when I was better and I saw the "artwork" I couldn't stop laughing. 
On Sunday, I was still not up to par, so I rested more then we took in some fresh Spring air and picked tiny flowers outside. Later we came inside for lunch, Snow White, and to play with our transformed fairy wings.

That night, I rocked the baby (my nightly ritual) and thought about the weekend.  I kissed her forehead and said a prayer of thanks that she had not gotten sick.
As I laid her sound asleep in her crib, I couldn't help but imagine her guardian angel getting his wings.

p.s. Yesterday I blog-swapped with Leigh from Leigh vs. the Laundry. I posted about making a paper flower necklace project and Superhero masks. As promised, for more pictures and to see the complete How To, please visit this link to my How to Salsa Pie blog. 

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Unknown said...

What beautiful fairy wings! I'm so glad you are feeling better... what a horrible way to spend the first weekend of spring.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you were so sick and gave your husband a little cheer when I read how he came home and took care of you and your girls. The wings are lovely.

Joanne said...

I LOVE the butterfly wings! So glad you're feeling better, by the way!

Anonymous said...

love it! so fun!

Susan Anderson said...

Take care of yourself, Caroline.


PS. Can I be one of your kids?

Ellen said... sorry you were down with a nasty bug! Those days are rough when you have kids at home and you feel rotten...glad hubby came to the rescue and hopefully no one else gets it.

Like Sue said...can I be one your kids? You are a resourceful and amazing woman with such great ideas...and those flower necklaces...sweet! You are also a fantastic photographer...

leigh hewett said...

Yay for Fairy Wings!
Boo for tummy bugs!

MonicaH said...

I still have to do one of these "wing" projects! Londyn is really into butterflys so this would be perfect! So glad you're all feeling better! Oh and I LOVE the flower necklace!! Super-hero mask is so perfect for Roman!!

Unknown said...

Glad your feeling better! This is an amazing project that my girls will ADORE!! I look forward to following, my girls thank you! xo

Angela said...

Bless you! What a sweet little space you have here. I came swinging by after looking for nienie's silhouettes, as I've been meaning to do one for my daughter...and your image came up in the web-o-wonder engine. THEN I found myself trawling YOUR treasure trove too.


A kiwi stay-home-mama