Apr 30, 2010

Recap:Recent Shenanigans

I'm doing a recap today because it's Friday and my brain is out of ideas.

p.s. Is your house a circus this morning too?

Love, Caroline

(check out the links to my posts for these activities below)

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For Paper Chains filled with messages of love click here
For Baking Strawberry Pie with the Kids click here
For my Healthy Smoothie Recipe click here
For the awesome natural Cold remedy click here
For Dining alfresco with the Kids click here
For a yummy Ham and Swiss Strata recipe click here
For Joanne's gorgeous Paper Flower Corsages click here

Have a Beautiful Weekend!

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Ellen said...

Have a great weekend with your family! Thank you for the recap...I like these recaps by the way....

Susan Anderson said...

Every single thing was wonderful, but my most favorite of all has to be the paper chains with little messages. I can't wait for the right occasion to do this for someone. (It's actually within the range of my limited artistic abilities!)


Rebecca said...

I totally missed the strawberry pie.....come live with me...please? No, don't want to move....at least come take a vacation and stay with me...please??? no...oh well.

Maggie May said...

i absolutely love garlands.

Angela said...

What beautiful images!