May 4, 2010

Spring Flowers: A Work in Progress

Like a domino effect, I am always inspired by others, then I hold that inspiration inside until I am ready to burst with ideas. After seeing Carolina Herrera's luscious flower hat that I posted about yesterday, I could hardly contain my desire to create flowers. Flowers! So I checked out books at the library yesterday and scoured online for ideas.
Now I'm on a flower-making spree and my giggly little girls just can't get enough. Here is a little sneak-peak at some of these floral creations. I will post in full detail tomorrow so you can see how everything turned-out and as always I will provide you with some instructions if you want to make these on your own.
In the meantime, wouldn't this be a great way to decorate for a fun Spring party?

And, this is also a great project where the kids can be involved in the process. Depending on their age, they could even make their own!

Stay tuned for tomorrow where I'll give you the further scoop. 

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leigh hewett said...

I'm going to make these for my best friend's baby shower. Little blue and white flowers would be so sweet!

Joanne said...

love love love those vibrant colors! can't wait for the how-to!

Susan Anderson said...

I like these. They almost have an Asian flavor to them.


Rebecca said...

Those are cute...can't wait to see your project!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

They are so cute. Can't wait for instructions.

Natalie at Mommy on FIre said...

Love them - again, I think that's a project this non-crafty type mama can handle!

Hope you are well - sorry I haven't "talked" with you in a while! I was thinking of you the other day and thought I would check-in!