Jun 29, 2010

Hair Cuts and Leaf Hats

While I await the birth of my fourth child I experience moments of both giddy excitement and a little nervousness. You'd think the fourth time-around would make me a "pro", but the truth is, I believe there's no such thing as a "Supermom". We mothers-around-the-world should work especially hard to dispel the myth that any mom is perfect. It's just not possible to think we should be perfect.
I might make paper dolls and bake cookies with my children
 but that still doesn't mean I know how to get everyone in bed at night without someone crying (and on occasion that someone is  me). I'm convinced that it takes a Nascar Pit Crew to get three toddlers in bed at night.

And in the spirit of complete honesty, I'd like to share with you that this past week my 4 year old gave my 3 year old daughter a haircut complete with short, choppy bangs and uneven sides.

Yes she did. 

 But the absolute coolest thing about my children is that they don't expect perfection from me.
They don't demand that I become a superhero.
They just want me to sit awhile and spend some time with them.
And time is a gift I'm certainly capable of giving because my children mean the world to me.

Guess what today is? 


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Here's one of our regular favorites: making special paper things with leaf hats.

Materials Used:

Elmer's Glue
Cardstock Paper

Just an idea...

The kids can draw these and you can cut them out and let them glue on the "hats" that they collect in the outdoors. 

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Anonymous said...

So true Caroline. None of us are perfect but perfection is not what our kids want from us anyways. Confessing what doesn't make us perfect is such a freeing thing to do and helps other moms more than anything else.

Caroline said...

Yes, and we have to laugh together about it. I think imperfection is a beautiful thing, really.

Susan Anderson said...

I gave myself a haircut when I was four. My mom had to take me to the barber, it was so bad. I basically ended up with a boy's haircut, I had butchered it so badly.



PS. When is the baby due again?

PS. Great fun with the leaf hats. And your children are lucky as can be to have you, imperfections and all!

Kat Ibáñez said...

Hi Caroline!!! What a great idea the "Friday Feature"!!! Can´t wait to see all the projects from creative bloggers!!
Love the idea of leaf hats, it has to be so much fun for the children and the adults as well!!!
Hugs & kisses!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Hahah...I am sorry I am laughing but it is kind of funny...no? I can just imagine your face when you saw her new hair do..:)))
Ohhh kids:) I love that post:)
Kisses sweetie and what a cute craft idea:)
Kisses and enjoy your day

angelina la dawn said...

i love your openness and honesty! and really sister-on-sister haircuts don't ever get better (even at 25) i know, i've been there. recently.

Rebecca said...

What, no photos of the hair cut? One of Isabella's friends cut her hair (HER OWN HAIR, not Isabella's hair!) about a year ago. She cut it down to the scalp in several places. Her mom had no choice but to shave her head bald. The little girl has piercing grey/blue eyes and high cheek bones and a really defined brow so the bald thing really worked for her....How many 4 year old girls can totally ROCK a shaved head?

Her hair grows super fast....so it's down past her chin now.....