Jun 17, 2010

Teaching Children Photography

It's no secret that I hope to stimulate a love for learning and being creative in my children. I think that's the desire of every mother. In fact, that's been the goal of this website: to encourage creativity in you and your children. My motto is "sometimes we just need a little nudge" to remind ourselves that we are all creative beings. We may have different gifts and talents, but we are all creative. 
Creativity is inherent in humans, and that's a fact. 
But where do we start? With my oldest daughter (who is 4) I've noticed she has a keen interest in photography. How do I stimulate that interest in her? For me what has worked has been just allowing her  time with the camera. She knows how to use both the digital monitor to view and to look through the "old fashioned" finder. She can review the images (since it's digital) and knows how to point and shoot. But how do I teach her more about photography? Photography is not always just an art of aiming and shooting, freestyle. It takes some discernment and I'd like to teach her that. 

So, I found a really great website that provides some pointers for teaching children digital photography and I wanted to share that link with you. Click here to learn more. 

I thought this site was most helpful. 

I will be taking a little break tomorrow from my regular posting style (slowing down a bit with this pregnancy) but I I will be posting a little something about an upcoming review I am working on!

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Caroline! I recently posted about Jack's new found love of photography and I completely agree that just giving your child the camera and letting them go to it is almost all you need to do! Some of Jack's shots were amazing!
Enjoy your rest and have a wonderful weekend!
BTW - I'll respond to your email today too! :0)

Joanne said...

So much fun! Can't wait to hear more about your little one and her photography exploits!

C'est La Vie said...

haha how fun!

i think it's so cute when they love the camera and they just want to take picture after picture haha

Susan Anderson said...

I'll have to show this one to my DIL, who is also teaching her children to be creative.

Take all the rest you need. I'll be patiently waiting for whatever you post.


Diana Mieczan said...

It is so great that she is interested in it and that you are helping her out:) You are so lovely:) I hope you are doing ok and have a rest! I cant wait for that project post:)
Happy Thursday, darling

Rebecca said...

Yesterday I made clover flower crowns for both of the kids. They wore them in the back yard while playing for at least an hour.....I so wanted to get a photo.........They looked adorable!

All while I was making them, I told the kids about how my mom would make all kinds of jewelry for me when I was their age. They LOVED IT!

We try to be creative and your inspire me (or remind me) to do some simple creative things with the kids!

Maggie May said...

this is so timely for me! i have a collection of photos Lola took recently and am going to do a post of some.

Holyoke Home said...

You could blow up some of her pictures, frame them, and charge $500 a piece at a fancy gallery. I have a theory that we all ache to get back to the freedom of our childhood's unchained creativity.

Angela said...

One of the blogs I follow here in NZ hosts a "Kid's Click" photography competition fortnightly. It's sweet. Thought I'd mention it in case it's something you'd be interested in.