Jul 26, 2010

Think "Green": Making a Newspaper Table Runner

I find I'm most impressed with creative ideas that call upon us to be resourceful. This thinking "green" philosophy is especially smart to adopt when we are decorating for an event or party since most decorations have a "shelf-life" (which means that eventually we'll toss them). 
I first saw this idea (which I've altered a bit) in a Food and Wine magazine article about a super-hip supper club in Athens, Georgia. I've searched online for the article to no avail, so my project is based upon what I can recall from many months ago.
 To decorate the laid-back dining table for this fun supper club, participants made a table runner out of butcher block paper and painted a brownish floral design (similar to the one I've here) on the paper. Then they taped it to the underneath of the table on both ends. I thought it was a brilliant and fun idea for a festive event. 

My version is a newspaper table runner. While I was thinking about this idea, it occurred to me that most people don't readily have a roll of butcher block paper just hanging around their house. While the butcher-block paper method would be a little easier, the newspaper runner is also pretty easy, super resourceful and sure to make a splash at any party where you use it.

How I did it:

To create this runner, simply staple (or glue if you have time) several folded sheets of newspaper together to fit the length of your table. Use a non-toxic paint (I used Tempera) and paint the top of the paper with your choice of color. I recommend using a non-toxic paint since you'll likely be using this around food. Allow the paint to dry (you only need one coat and it looks just fine if you can see brush strokes. I think this adds to the effortless look of the paper runner). Next, paint a design on top. You can have your children use do handprints or you can paint a design like I've done here. Possibilities are endless. 

Here's how our project turned out. While I opted to use earthy/neutral colors for the runner, you could very easily use bright and vibrant colors which I think would look fantastic.

The End. 

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Great idea. I will try this one.

Anna Bartlett said...

That is a great idea. Looking forward to using it!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a great idea:) That cake looks yummy too:) Thanks so much sweetie:) How are you doing?


Unknown said...

That looks great! Yum, chocolate and strawberries!

Susan Anderson said...

The runner looks great, but even better right now...The dessert looks delicious!


Rebecca said...

I totally love this and we get the newspaper daily. I just need to buy some paint! Great idea!

Henna @ AboutDivorce Blog said...

i think its a great economic as well as eco-friendly idea, using old things without spending much money and the presentation is great along with the cake - good concept very easy to make

Widge said...

that looks fab. great idea!