Aug 26, 2010

Scenes from Our House: Waiting for Baby

I'm still not quite finished with the nursery, which he'll be sharing with my youngest, his "big" sister. She's the one playing dress-up and snuggling me with all her might (because she knows).  Once I finish with the nursery, I'm going to give you guys some "how to's". 
The painting was simple and fun to make and the planes are simply strung from the ceiling with monofilament. I'm thinking of adding some clouds  as a finishing touch and a few more little paintings. 

So, my friends, this is what we've been up to. I'll pretend I've been wearing things other than my maternity pj's and bathrobe, but seriously, who would I be kidding?

Tomorrow is Feature Friday. I have a really neat blog for you. 
Stay tuned and have a great evening!
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Unknown said...

The nursery is so sweet! I love that fabric on the crib bumper... and the painting is great!

Rebecca said...

I love the name. Oliver. It's a name I thought of for Joey, but Kevin was more set on Joey so I went ahead and did Joey....but Oliver is such a sweet name and for me there is just something special about vowel names.

Take it easy now that you're here in the home stretch.

Diana Mieczan said...

Well done ,sweetie...I really love what you did...The painting is beautiful and the name is so perfect!

Hope you are having a great week:)

Anna Walker said...

Awehhh everything is so sweet! I love it all! I especially love all the add ins "ready ready ready" on the photographs! :)

leigh hewett said...

I love the nursery!! I can tell that you are going to love having a little boy!

Susan Anderson said...

Oh, this got me all teary. I am such a sap these days.

But I am just happy for you, Caroline...and for the girls, too.


citymouse said...

Very awesome! I love the name Oliver.

karen said...

I love your nursery - how cute it's going to be! Aren't you excited? Of course you are...