Sep 26, 2010

Baby Action Shots

We're about as in-love as any family could be.

Now...if I could only figure out how to get some sleep...

I have one more guest post for you (on Monday) and then I'll be back at least a couple of times a week with some shenanigans from our place. 
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Ellen said...

So very happy for you and the family! He is adorable and glad you showed him it!

Rebecca said...

Expect to learn a lot little man.

He is absolutely handsome!

leigh hewett said...

He is so sweet.
Sleep, what's sleep?

Maggie May said...

oh oh OH!! Congratulations my friend!! Look at that cap of dark hair on Mr. Handsome there. What a cutie baby boy. Sigh. I'm so happy for you!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh he is so handsome:)...Such a cutie:)....I love his dark hair and beautiful eyes:)

Susan Anderson said...

Oh my goodness. That little guy is a keeper and then some! I'll bet you are all besotted with him...and the girls must be in heaven!