Oct 19, 2010

A Beautiful Heart (and a little Sparkle too)

My friend, Stephanie.
I've been thinking lately that one key to looking great when you are trying to shed some post-baby-pounds is to accessorize. 
Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. 
But how do you do it without OVER-doing it? 
I never can figure that stuff out.
So instead, I turn to my fashionable friends for advice.

My college roomie and hometown friend, Stephanie has always had the special gift of being artistic and stylish. When we were younger (and in school) she would whip out her make-up and in minutes she'd make the friends that knew and loved her look and feel glamourous.
With that "Stephanie Magic" we'd sparkle and she'd sparkle too. Part of the magic was her incredible talent and the other part was her beautiful heart. Her inner beauty made the best of us come alive. And that is what I believe makes a true talent.
I knew then that she was going places.
I had no doubt in my mind. 

Today we are all grown up (or at least we pretend to be!) and my dear friend Stephanie is not only a professional make-up artist and talent scout/advisor for a modeling agency but her latest endeavor is as a Stella Dot Sylist. 

Have you heard of Stella Dot? 
Well feast your eyes on this:

For more gorgeous jewelry, check out Stephanie's Stella Dot website and her facebook page. 
Who knows, not only could you find something you adore, but you just might find a new career as well! 
Want Stephanie to do a show where you live? 

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Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a sweet post. Stephanie sounds wonderful and the last necklace is beautiful:) I am off to check out her website right away:)
Have a wonderful week

samantha. said...

love the frida kahlo-esque shot!
yes, i have heard of stella & dot! too pretty!


Rebecca said...

Love the pearls ! She is beautiful.

Sue said...

I'm going to check out her site right now!

I can see why the two of you hung out together. Birds of a feather, and all...


Joanne said...

Stephanie AND the Stella & Dot stuff are both BEAUTIFUL!

karen said...

My new daughter in law has the accessorizing thing down perfectly, but not me. I think it has to do a lot with what you're comfortable with too. Me? I'm never comfortable in pearls, no matter what their form, yet other people look fabulous in them!