Oct 29, 2010

Weekend Dreaming

My kitchen is as orange as my Alma mater.
Now, as much as I loved my college years, orange is just not the best choice for kitchen walls.
But, since there are much more important things in life right now (like a new baby) than the color of my kitchen walls, I am just dreaming.
For your weekend dreaming, here are some kitchens I've been drooling over.
I love the kitchen barstools in the first picture. And speaking of kitchen barstools, are you looking for some? Head over to my review site for more on that. 

(all images from the dearly missed Domino Magazine)

Have a great weekend! 

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Diana Mieczan said...

Orange sounds really nice!I also love the stripy look. Have a fantastic weekend with your kiddos, my dear

leigh hewett said...

I love that last kitchen so much that it has been officially added to my wish list.

Holyoke Home said...

Guess what?! I sat on one of those bar stools at a fancy joint in DC, and they are REALLY comfortable, even though they look kind of ouch-y.

Susan Anderson said...

Wonderful kitchen colors! I think you'd be happy with any of them!


PS. Come check out my new Halloween story-poem. It's downright creepy!

A Halloween Tale of Terror

Joanne said...

Gorgeous! We're going to be doing some major redecorating and renovating in the new year - I'm going to need your inspiration! :)