Nov 18, 2010

Another Twist to a Leaf Idea: Turning Nature into Pop Art

I promise this will be my last post about fall leaves, but seriously, who doesn't love them?

Painting Pressed Leaves = Nature into Pop Art

It's pretty hard to make nature any lovelier than it already is, but with some imagination (and a little paint) you can try! I enjoy painting objects from nature with bright fun colors. Changing the color of a branch or a leaf from it's natural color into something unexpected always adds interest. You could use spray paint for this kind of project, but since I am always working around my children, I use paints that are safe for them (like Tempera paint for example). The purpose of this project was two-fold for us: we were trying to have fun with nature and come up with creative Autumn decorations. 

Quickly, here is How To:

1. Find leaves in nature and press in leaf press or book (like we did here)
2. Once pressed (a few days) take them out and lay them on a covered painting surface
* tip* we use paper bags as our painting surface, if you do too, you can combine this project
into this one.
3. Choose bright colored paints and paint from the stems outward towards the leaf tips otherwise the leaf tips may break off

Paint leaves with bold, vibrant colors
Decorate. I like vases but you can lay them flat on a table or even string on filament for a garland effect.

If you want, you can always let the children help, like I did. 
Of course, they will be covered in more paint than the leaves, but that's part of the fun! 

Happy nature painting my friends!

p.s. Here's an update on my new baby boy!

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leigh hewett said...

He is Huge!

The leaves are cute too.

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww look at that sweet photo..He is growing so fast! I love that project! kisses, my dear
Have a lovely day

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Very cool idea since most of our leaves have lost their color.

Susan Anderson said...

Leigh is right. He IS huge...and simply adorable. No wonder his big sis looks so happy with her arms full of him!

As for the leaves, I am a big fan. They look amazing!


Rebecca said...

Oliver is quite possibly the cutest little moose ever! He's getting so big so fast and looks so happy!!

Mom has this bright white table cloth that she uses sometimes for Christmas or Thanksgiving. She tops that off with a crystal clear heavy plastic table cloth protector......I bet those leaves on top of the white but under the clear would look great.

Your leaves actually look pretty natural. I didn't realize that you painted them.