Nov 19, 2010

A Little Rock-n-Roll for the Nursery

One of my most vivid childhood memories is rummaging through my parent's closet in search of their records. My favorite was The White Album by the Beatles. I was probably six years old when I first discovered it but even at that young age, I could tell they were brilliant (both my parents and the Beatles). 
 I secretly hope to instill this love for the Beatles in my children (along with my love for musicals--another story entirely) but I promise to allow them to choose whatever music their hearts desire. 
As a little nudge in that direction, I've created some super easy and fun art for my boy's room using simply a plain white canvas and a newspaper ad. 

Here's How:

I found this fantastic Beatles image which was a full page Apple ad in the Wall Street Journal, you could use any magazine image or even just newspaper print to make something similar.
I also had a plain canvas (previously purchased before the birth of my son) which was patiently waiting for me. 

Next, I drew the shape of a balloon over the part of the image I liked the most

I then cut out the balloon shape and pasted it to the canvas (I thinned out Elmer's glue with some water for my paste) and finally drew/painted my balloon tail and name. 


As you know, I hung mine in my son's nursery. I certainly hope he thinks it rocks (just like the Beatles)--even if his mother's the one who made it. 

She loves you, yeah, yeah.
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Lilacandgrey said...

<3 Happy weekend!

Rebecca said...

That is so very sweet!

Susan Anderson said...

How cool is that? (Almost makes me feel like I Wanna Hold your Hand!)


Holyoke Home said... know you could make a million dollars selling these on etsy? Think of all the un-copyrighted image possibilities!

citymouse said...

Excellent! You know I LOVE music and I think any opportunity to instill that in your kids is priceless. My boys share a lot of my musical tastes and definitely have some of their own, which is okay by me (even if I don't always want to listen to what they want to listen to). Little Oliver will know he had a cool mom right from the start!

karen said...

It's a really cute idea. I love the Beatles too. And (doing double duty) I loved your previous post about painting the leaves. Genius!

Angela said...

So so rad.

Diana Mieczan said...

I love their music too...What a fantastic project...I am going to save this for when I have a little kiddo too:)
Hugs and kisses,sweetie
Happy Monday

samantha ramage said...

omg! such a neat idea! way to think outside the box!