Jan 27, 2011

More Snowy Snow Snow

Last night it rained and then snowed. 

This is what it looks like outside my back door right now.

We were feeling kind of cooped up but an angel (my 73 year old neighbor) showed up at our back door to show the children how to build a snowman.

Thank you, Ms. B,  We love you.
p.s. I don't think Ms. B reads my blog. Maybe I should tell her about it since she's the one who inspires me so much. 

In other news, my blogging friend Rebecca had a very cool idea the other day. She used Hotwheels as "paint brushes" for her children to pass the snow day.

ch-ch-check it out:

How cool is that? I love this project idea. 
Check out her post about it here. 

Rebecca will also be sharing some very exciting news on this blog on Monday. 
I am so honored that she's asked me to post about it. Actually, she is the one who is making the announcement, I am just providing the introduction to her post. It's something very special so be sure to stay tuned for Monday's post. 

The "Cartoon Clock" tutorial is up on my How To site. 
See you tomorrow! 

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Susan Anderson said...

What a cool neighbor! Neat snowman, too.

Love the hot wheels idea.

And now you've got me curious for Monday...


Rebecca said...

Love the Snowman! And the news? Thanks! I'm excited!

leigh hewett said...

I love your snowman and that it was built with such care.

Ellen said...

Oh I wish I could have helped with the snowman. He is ever so cheerful looking!

Diana Mieczan said...

We also have tons of snow and I really love that snowman photo...How lovely of your neighbor! She must be very sweet, indeed!
Wish you a lovely weekend, my dear

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

What a great neighbor! That is a cute snowman. I've been thinking of doing the car painting thing. One of these snow days I will.

amber said...

That is one cute snowman! And we have to wait till Monday? Awww man...

karen said...

What a sweet neighbor! And what a beautiful view from your back door! I'll be looking forward to Monday. I love the suspense!