Feb 3, 2011


Something a little personal today:
I was watching an interview with Barbara Walters last night where she shared details about a TV special she produced. Walters had open heart surgery last year to repair an aortic valve. Her special includes participation from David Letterman, Regis Philbin, Robin Williams and former President Bill Clinton, all who underwent open heart surgery. This special, which airs tomorrow evening, Friday February 4th at 10pm on ABC, interviews the participants about their experiences with the surgery (and recovery) and gives an inside look into how the surgery is performed.

 I am especially interested in seeing this program because, as some of you may already know, open heart surgery to repair a deformed mitral valve still looms in my future. The date of the surgery will depend on my next upcoming echo (which I procrastinated scheduling but finally did so). Even though I feel excellent, we are looking for dilation of the heart caused by the problematic heart valve. So far, my heart has dilated very little even after four pregnancies. My Cardiologist has been impressed and surprised by this. I see it as a blessing...maybe even perhaps a miracle.

Similar to Barbara's sentiments expressed during last night's interview, I would like to do everything possible to avoid surgery even though I know that's not possible. Any type of surgery is a little scary so I know it's only natural for me to want to avoid it. My Cardiologist has been amazing and her care for me is top notch. For that, I am beyond thankful!
My faith in Jesus Christ gives me comfort and I know that he sends his Spirit to give me courage. Being courageous is not something that comes naturally to me. It is through Him that I find strength. 
My faith that we all have a purpose on this earth keeps me optimistic. My faith that we are all given trials that can be used for a greater good gives me peace. 

I share this with you to encourage you to tell someone you may know with an impending heart surgery (or even a heart problem) about this TV program airing tomorrow evening. The purpose of the program is to inform and assuage fears about this amazing surgery. I think it will really help people and I am so glad that Walters is using her star power to pull something together like this.

and speaking of hearts, my heart is SO full because of this little guy. 

We took these last night with Photo Booth on my Mac. Check out his adorable little hairdo. He was born with a full head of hair and has rubbed the side hair off so much that it looks like he's got a little hair style going on! 

In other news, I made a chicken noodle soup the other day and turned it into a chicken pot pie. Two meals with one dish, basically. How's that for an old school idea?

If you want the recipe, just ask me in the comments section and I'll email it to you. I will also try to post it  tomorrow on my How To site. 

Have a great day everyone!

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Rebecca said...

They sure do grow fast when they aren't yours, don't they? Oliver is getting so so so big!

You are looking great!

Lots of prayers for all things concerning your heart....and everything else.

I'll be sure to visit your how to site tomorrow!

Susan Anderson said...

I love that second picture of the two of you, where you are glancing sideways at him with so much love.

Warms my heart!


PS. And if the recipe is on the easier side, please send it to me. (I'm a fairly hopeless cook when the recipe is complicated.)

Ellen said...

My father-in-law had a valve replacement almost 4 weeks ago at age 87. He had the first one 11 years ago and it finally started going out. While he is not bouncing back as fast as the first one is is truly amazing that this can be done at all. Thank you for sharing this and I will look for it on our TV line up.

Your words, your openness, your beliefs show your strength. I am glad you have such a good team now in place that you can trust for the future. Bless you and keep strong!

Isn't Photo booth fun? Your cutie and you (cutie too!) look very Valentine ready.

Chicken soup and chicken pie...a popular menu I do too. All the family like it here and isn't it so comforting to make as well as eat?

Maggie May said...

That IS amazing that your heart has dilated just a tiny bit after four pregnancies! WOW! Have you heard of COQ10? If I had any kind of heart issues I'd be taking it. It's awesome you are sharing about this special, I'd like to watch.

Oliver is a beautiful little boy! I love that he rubbed his hair off :) Ever does that too, on the sides of her head.

And you are gorgeous, as always.

I want that chicken pie! Yum!

Anonymous said...

A miracle indeed. You are such a brave person and I know this is tough but with your faith, your family and your strong and loving heart you will get through it. I will watch the special for sure.

karen said...

I would love to have that recipe! I'm aware of that show tomorrow. I work for a medical device company and our division is Cardiac, as in pacemakers/defibrillators. Another division is Valves so I know about mitral valves. I see lots and lots of cases repairing and replacing them and people do really well and feel much better after them. The son of one of my good friends just had his repaired. Just like you'll do. And he feels great. So take heart (pun intended) - you'll do just fine. And you'll have all of us waiting for hear all about it and wishing you well.
ps - Your baby is adorable, and I love his crazy top hair.

Darlene said...

Well, all I can say is that you just need to go ahead with that operation. When it is all over, you will be so glad that you did. Your faith will carry you through.

That baby is adorable. What cute pictures. He really did get a lot of hair.

And of course, I would love to try your recipe. Easy or hard, I will try them all. The pie looks delicious, so know we will love it.

Diana Mieczan said...

I didnt know about your heart. Im so sorry to hear that. My grandma had an open-heart surgery about two years ago and she is now 84 years old and doing great! I wish you all the best darling.
Btw: your little guy is so adorable and Im loving his hair-do so much..hahah
I would love to get the recipe, please. Im always happy to try out all your yummy dishes! Thank you and wish you a cozy weekend:) Muah

leigh hewett said...

Be brave in Christ...I will be in prayer for your sweet heart.

Oliver is just about the sweetest thing I've seen all day.

Paula said...

I totally understand your worries. I had open heart surgery at 18 (I'm now 33 and mother of 2). Things went fine, but it definitely was scary at the time. I hope all goes well and that your worries and apprehensions fade. (PS- I'm Chris Orel's sis-n-law so I know your sis. she showed me your site a while back and I now regularly check it out-just so you know who I am)

Angela @ Cottage Magpie said...

Yes, please! :-)

That chicken pie looks so good, and your photos with your son are SO CUTE! My son lost his hair like that, too, except only on ONE side! Poor guy.