Mar 9, 2011

Blogging Hiatus

To be perfectly honest, I have been thinking (just thinking) of ending my blogging career lately. 
When I first started blogging almost two years ago, things were a little quieter around my house. 
The next year we were surprised and delighted with another pregnancy, and then I gave birth to a handsome and healthy baby boy in October of 2010. 

Since then, I don't feel quite as creative as I once was...
If I were a writer I'd say I had writer's block. 
But since I'm more of an idea-finder (can that be a new word?) I'd say what I'm having is an idea block.
I'm not as concerned about not having earth-shattering creative ideas (no big deal, right?) but I am a believer when you set out to do something (like create an idea blog) and you start running slow on the stuff you blog about--a step-back is prudent.
That goes for anything in this life.

I started blogging after searching online for creative projects that I could do with my children. I needed to find some way to entertain my crew since none were in school yet and like so many of you, I just wanted to be the best mom I could be. Since there is no "Being a Good Mom" handbook, I just went about things in my own way.
I decided that being a good mom also means being a fun mom and kids find creative projects to be fun.
So I went to the library and searched online for kid-friendly creative projects.
Discouraged that the ideas I found mostly required I buy a bunch of stuff at craft stores, I decided to start my own blog.
I figured I could attempt to find ways to be creative inexpensively and simply with my children afoot. I imagined that blogging about it would motivate and inspire me each day.

And it has. 

In the process, so many of you have inspired me. Your kindness here towards me has been such a positive force in my life, and in visiting many of your spaces here in the blogosphere I have felt so inspired as a human being.

When people say things like "What is this world coming to?" I often think...
it's headed in the right direction based on my experiences with all of you. 

So, after lots of thought and some hand wringing about what I should do,
 I have decided to take just a little hiatus from blogging to see if in fact this is something that I should continue.
Since I host blogher ads (whom I love working with), I have agreed to post twice a week and so in keeping with my agreement (while I'm sorting things out) I will be posting a single picture twice a week.

I know I'm leaving some unfinished ideas with my deck garden and the What to Do with Leftovers series, but I promise if I come back swinging, I'll work out a way to continue with those plans.
And I will work hard to come back swinging!
I promise to keep you all posted and that I will continue reading what you write no matter what I do here with my blog.

Some of our
 blogging adventures through these years:

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leigh hewett said...

I understand completely. Hope that you return soon, feeling more creative than ever.

Your blog is so refreshing to me...I'll miss the little peeks into your sweet home.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I understand completely. I love your blog.

Diana Mieczan said...

Ohhh..I really hope you will return as your blog is one of my favourite places to visit. I adore your photos, projects and the lovely chats we have:) Have a great break my dear and I see you soon:) Muah

Susan Anderson said...

I totally get this.

Having said that, I will miss you like crazy...And can I be selfish enough to hope that your creativity comes rushing back at you unexpectedly ere long? (That's what used to happen to me when I had little ones at home. It would sort of come and go, depending upon what was happening at any given time.)

In the meantime, take care of your darling family. And don't lose touch, okay?



Maggie May said...

I understand. And- I would miss you a lot if you aren't around, so if you don't come back, please FB me or email...xo

Rebecca said...

You have my e-mail address, right? I would like to keep in touch.

karen said...

Caroline - I'll miss your little sunny corner of the blog world. I remember ideas running dry when my kiddies were little too. Time and also some time away from blogging will renew your brain and creativity. I hope you come back to us, but if not, you'll be on to other wonderful endeavors. Keep in touch - you're one of my favorites!

Erika said...

I found your blog via Babble--congratulations!

I was feeling blue today because I let a bit of news get to me and make me think my work and blog were not good enough. I fell for the idea that only if you have over a thousand followers could your blog be any good--obviously those marketers aren't right about everything as I check out your lovely work!

So, take your break--and I will continue to work from home so I can continue to stay home with my babies!