Mar 1, 2011

Happiness Project: Week 52, Cooking with Children

Happiness is:
Involving Children in Cooking

I've a household of picky eaters, and by picky I mean picky with a capital P
I honestly stress about it sometimes but I think I've found a partial solution:

When I encourage my children to help me in the kitchen, they are much more likely to eat what I am cooking. 

It might get messy, but it's worth it to know they are learning something important and to ensure they develop a healthy relationship with food. 

So for me, being happy is all about getting my children involved in the kitchen because that means they will want to eat what we are making! 

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Unknown said...

This is soooooooo true!

My younger daughter spent the first six years of her life believing that eating=cheese, milk, pizza, fast food chicken, and toast with jam. Besides the obvious dietary concerns (as you can imagine, a diet centered around dairy that involves virtually no fruits or vegetables has some pretty ugly side effects), the kid had an aversion to trying new things. Period.

I've started including her in the cooking, and it's pretty amazing. She still eats very little and thinks the world revolves around milk, but she'll actually try new things ... and, uh, we've gotten the MiraLax dosage way down.

Susan Anderson said...

Good thinking, Caroline! How can they not want to taste what they have helped prepare with their own hands?


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

That is great!

Ellen said...

I am trying to get my teen son involved in cooking but as yet he has zip interest. I will not give up!

This summer I have a plan to have him 'help' me with the heavy stuff in our garden. I figure that then he does help, maybe interest him in what grows in a garden can be eaten and be with him. Finding time together these days is hard.

Keep on cooking with kids!

Jessica said...

My middle child...who is still such a picky eater! Drives me nuts!!! She will help cook, doesn't mean she will eat it though. LOL

Unknown said...

How fun! And what a brave mommy! :)

karen said...

Great idea - I'll have to try that when the grandkiddies come to visit!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is so true. My friend started involving her little one in cooking and now she want to eat everything and she always askes if she is eating the stuff she made herself..So cute! Enjoy your day, sweetie

Ps: I love that you have a 1950's hat. It must be beautiful:)