Apr 13, 2011

Nature Craft Project for Children: "Gumball" Butterfly

As a child, growing up in the "country",  it never really occurred to me that some people didn't. I sort of took my access to the outdoors for granted.

 It wasn't until I moved away from my small hometown and to an urban area that this thought registered with me:
while everyone feels a connection to nature on some level, not everyone has nature bordering their back door. 

But even in urban areas, parks and playgrounds can serve as a place to connect with nature and a place for children to explore the outdoors.

In my experience, we can feel a great sense of balance when we spend time outside. Even the tiniest pockets of green space offer us and our children opportunities to be creative.

 Today I am sharing with you a simple project I came up with for my own children, using the sweet gum balls we've found on a green grassy area near our home. 

Here's the gist of how you can make this craft
but for the full "how-to" click here for the tutorial:

Your project is complete! 

Look all around you--there are objects in nature and everyday life that we can use to inspire our next generation to be innovative and creative!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute craft. Now to find some sweet gumballs.

Susan Anderson said...

Those are just great, Caroline. I would love to borrow your craftily creative brain for just a day or two to see how the other half lives....


Rebecca said...

Headed over to the how to site to hopefully learn why we need to freeze them? Bugs?

This is cute. I've done spiders with the sweet gum balls!

Diana Mieczan said...

What a brilliant project. Really creative and it looks totally adorable
Btw: Thank you so much for the link to Julie's blog. You are the best and you made my day:) Kisses and hugs, darling