Apr 15, 2011

Scenes from Our House: Officially out of the Cooking Rut

This week, we climbed out of our cooking rut by playing in the kitchen, inviting someone we love over for supper and baking our favorite desserts.

 I had my favorite neighbor over for dinner last night and the days leading up to the event provided our crew with endless excitement: which dessert would be best? Chocolate or strawberry? Children love making decisions and experimenting in the kitchen, even if they won't always eat what they enjoy making! 
I like to play in the kitchen too, and I even tried out a new recipe making a creamy parmesan alfredo sauce over pasta and the girls helped me set the table. 
My neighbor, Ms. B, who is happily enjoying her golden years a few houses down from me, often pops by with baked goodies and such for the children. 
She's a good sport when we invite her over because almost always some unexpected event occurs. When you have four small children, anything can happen! Ms. B takes everything in stride and often shares great stories about when her children were young. 
I also love the advice that Ms. B gives me. She sees things from the perspective of someone with grown children and grandchildren and her advice is invaluable to me. 

When I think about my job as a mother throughout recent years, at first as a working mother and now as a working-inside-the-home mother, it occurs to me that these years, while possibly the most messy and hectic, will perhaps be the most beautiful in my life. 

I have children with soft baby cheeks to nuzzle and tiny chubby fingers make their way all over the house. I get hugged about a thousand times a day. I have random school art projects that end up in the funniest places, and the questions from my 4 and 5 year old daughters, especially about faith and spirituality, are inspiring and uplifting. 

While there are always those moments that I have to issue a "time-out" or someone does something wacky like color on the wall with my lipstick, I still cherish right now, including the hairy moments, more than ever. 

And I pray that when I am Ms. B's age, I will be able to remember these sweet years as well as she does.

Sweet, sweet memories. 

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Cat said...

Whoa...by the looks of these pictures, I couldn't even imagine you ever being in a "cooking rut!". That strawberry cake looks delish, the fact that it is vegan is even better (I am always drawn to the sweet stuff, esp. cake! ;))

Rebecca said...

I love the grass from preschool. I believe that these years will be the most beautiful of my life too.

And your goat cheese......reminded me of this dip that is oh so delicious. I'm not 100% on the amounts but you serve it with either pita bread cut into triangles or pita chips (chips are my favorite way)

About a half cup of goat cheese and a half can of roasted red peppers with the oil they come packed in.....puree in your food processor and serve!

Susan Anderson said...

I love that you have taken the time to strike up a relationship with Ms. B, make her a part of your world, and appreciate her so much. She is lucky to have you for a neighbor! (And yes, it sounds like you are very lucky to have her, too.)


PS. The food, as always, looks delish!

leigh hewett said...

Such a beautiful post!

Diana Mieczan said...

Aww..that post is so sweet! I love the way you write and I cant wait to be a mommy one day:) Totally need to make that cake:) Yummy! Happy Tuesday, darling