May 10, 2011

Gardening with Children: Succulent Plants and Rock Painting

Succulent plants are the perfect fit for sunny outdoor spaces. They are attractive, require minimal watering and are easy to maintain, which makes them a great choice for busy people!
For this reason, I've decided to make a succulent plant container arrangement for my back deck. Succulents are also great for the tiny hands of children and when you combine gardening with an art project (painting rocks) it's a win-win for the kids.

What You Will Need:

A few succulent plants
A small (6-8 inch-ish) pot
Potting soil
Tempura paint
Paint Brushes

Step 1
Have children gather rocks--smooth or bumpy--it doesn't matter. Collect varrious sizes and shapes.

Step 2
Wash the rocks in soapy water then dry. The kids love this part!

Step 3
Paint rocks and allow them to dry!

Step 4
Plant succulents in a terra cotta pot.

Step 5

Have the children tuck the painted rocks into the planter or around planted pots. 

The End!

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Rebecca said...

This reminded me of two things. You need a small terra cotta pot, Lleegs (spelling) type leggings. Panty hose type material that come in the 'egg'. Grass seed, dirt.....put the grass seed in the panty hose 'toe', add about a half cup of dirt and tie in a knot. Cut off excess.....put the knot end in the bottom of the planter and water....soon, you will have a grass chia pet!

Also, I worked in a school where they did 'rock washing'. Someone brought in a big rock, put it in a tupperwear and gave the kids a bar of soap and a cup of water. They would wash that rock all day long!

Rebecca said... of soap, toothbrush, and a cup of water. Forgot to put toothbrush in my first comment.

Susan Anderson said...

Succulents are great! And I can almost always not kill them.


Caroline said...

Rebecca--I love that idea!

Sue--They are pretty hard to kill--but I should never say never--especially with little curious hands all around! :)

Ellen said...

Succulents do so well for me. I love how unique each of them are as well as nesting them close to other succulents where they just naturally blend well together.

karen said...

I do love succulents - they're unfailingly easy to grow!

Diana Mieczan said...

Succulent plants are my favourite too and I just planted a few pots over the weekend. I love the painted rocks idea:) It gives such a sweet touch! Happy Thursday!