May 26, 2011

Idea: Seed Planting Party!


I think I've mentioned before that I am not uptight about my kids having candy, but I still think there are way too many children's activities centered around it. But rather than complain about it and seem like a total party-pooper, I'm trying to think of cool ideas that would be enjoyable for children without being all about the sweets. 
I'm working on getting my children excited about eating veggies. The keyword here is working.
Fruits---they love-- but vegetables are a little harder to have them cheer for.
How great would that be to have our kids actually cheer for more vegetables?

Anyway, I had this idea about throwing a seed planting party. Something very simple, where you'd give each person (child or young adult) a small planter and some seeds to plant.
My daughters and I made place card napkin holders shaped like potted plants and planted some beans in a tiny pot. I served fresh veggies on a plate, sliced and arranged nicely, but nothing was disguised.
I cheated a little and allowed them to sprinkle a little sugar on the lettuce (just like my grandmother used to  allow me) and we talked about how the vegetables we eat start out as seeds.
They weren't too excited about trying all the fresh vegetables, but I did feel like they were at least interested in learning about the relationship between the seeds and the actual produce.

Although our little exercise wasn't an official party, with a little more planning it could have been!

And the napkin place card holders turned out pretty cute. 
I will have a tutorial on How To Salsa Pie by Friday!

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Susan Anderson said...

It's funny. Once my son started growing his own veggies, the kids were suddenly way into eating them. I think they took some ownership of those plants and their produce!


Rebecca said...

We just planted Lemon Balm....not from a seed but it smells oh so good and I can't wait to harvest some to make...something.

Caroline said...

Sue, I've loved visiting your blog and seeing his garden grow!
Rebecca, Lemon Balm sounds AWESOME!!

leigh hewett said...

This is SUCH a sweet idea. I'm going to add the link to my Athens Patch comments about Picky Eaters.

You really are so clever.

Diana Mieczan said...

My nephew has the hardest time eating carrots so this would be such a fun idea to try with him:) Kisses, darling