May 16, 2011

Making Pipe Cleaner Flowers: Corsages, Rings etc

(great for rainy days)
There really is nothing more capable of making an outfit festive than the addition of a flower corsage. But even more fun than flower corsages, are those made out of whimsical and unexpected materials. 

We made pipe cleaner corsages (perfect for Spring!) to wear on the girls' cardigan sweaters (which we're still wearing on chilly mornings here) and plain t-shirts. But these can be turned into wrist corsages/bracelets or you can even turn them into rings and hair accessories!

A Quick Run-Through:

Making the pipe cleaner flowers literally took us 5
minutes and required no gluing--just twisting! All you
need are pipe cleaners (some safety pins for the corsages) and an imagination! Details can be created by adding various colored pipe cleaners and twisting.
 For the rings, you simply twist loops for the flower petals and leaves then twist a loop for the ring. Hair accessories can be twisted around a rubber band, a hairband or a bobby pin. The flower corsages can be easily pinned on with a couple of safety pins.

Want More Ideas? 
Inspiration for this project found by looking at this pipe cleaner jewelry
This really cute pipe cleaner bouquet would have been perfect for Mother's Day!
Martha has some more lovely rings here
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Rebecca said...

Very cute. We need to replenish our pipe cleaner box.

Susan Anderson said...

Those are too cute! And such fun for the girls, too.


karen said...

What a great, fun, EASY idea! I'm forwarding this to my daughter and daughter in law for a fun craft on a day when going outside isn't an option. Thanks Caroline.

Diana Mieczan said...

What a brilliant project and they look so adorable:) Sending this over to my friend right now:) Happy Tuesday, sunshine

Rebecca said...

Hello Caroline! I just wanted to drop by with a recipe that I found over at Make 5 Dinners in ONE hour. I'm not too sure this would make enough for 5 dinners, but it would be amazing for one breakfast!

I just made them and --yummy!

nini said...

my co-worker babysits her niece every weekend, so i've gotten her addicted to your blog. she's going to do this project this weekend. keep up the awesome job, and keep posting pictures of your beautiful family!