May 19, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt!

It's raining this morning so I'm planning a scavenger hunt for the afternoon sunshine. 
This is something you can do for your kids or you can have them make their own books. 
 Just look around your outside surroundings for things you frequently see (even in the city you can find natural objects like grass and leaves, rocks and insects). The objects don't all have to be collected
You can also "find" something by spotting it (like a squirrel or flying bird).

But let's face it, there is nothing cooler to a kid than being able to "bug collect" or find a nice slimy worm! 

So here's how I did this (you or your children can too):


Take several sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 copy paper (standard printer paper) and fold in half. Cut down the fold. Fold again. Make a cover with colored paper, magazine paper or an old map. Cut the cover to size, fold and staple down the center or along the binder edge (whichever you prefer).


Draw objects that you've seen around your surroundings on the inside pages.


Start the hunt. Collect the objects or place a sticker, check or star by the items found.

Have fun! Go and Play! 

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Susan Anderson said...

Perfect idea for kids! And it would make a really fun party, too.

Love it.


Rebecca said...

We do something similar when we go to the zoo or the botanical gardens or the butterfly house. Well, I make a book and title it with the name of wherever we go and I let the kids draw illustrations of what they saw. Once we are home, I have Isabella write something on each page. I'll ask Joey to tell me something and I'll write it on each page.

So far, Joey only scribbles and tells me stuff like cookies or race cars.

Isabella does a fabulous job recording her day!

I like the illustrations you drew! The dandelion is my favorite.

leigh hewett said...

What a fantastic idea. I'm totally doing this with Griffin this summer. He will be so into it!

Diana Mieczan said...

That is a great idea and would make a fun party theme too...I love how creative you are! Sometime ago my friend used little disposable cameras for an I spy kids party. Each of them got one camera and had to snap photos of their finds. Later she developed all the photos and they made a collage of them:) Have a lovely day, sweetie