May 12, 2011

On Being a Mother

Me today with my youngest daughter

I've been spending lots of time just being lately. 
Five years ago I was a new mom and that meant that I was navigating roads I'd never traveled. 

It's amazing how much I have changed and learned in these few years. 

Today, I am mother to four children who have made my life the busiest it has ever been and also the most fulfilled. 
All of my wishes have come true. 

My style is not to mother with rigid schedules and lots of planning. 
I am kind of free spirited and I'm learning to embrace that. 
We all have our ways, and that's just the way I operate. 
I play a lot with the children and we read a lot. 
Drawing and Painting have become two additional children in my home and it makes me satisfied to see them being so embraced. 
But just like every other normal modern home, we watch some television, play outside, look for missing socks, debate what we'll have for supper, and we even get bored from time to time. 

Life, especially with children, can be messy sometimes. 
But messy can be good when we are willing to see that perfection is overrated. 

And all we really need to accomplish in our living that matters is to love one another. 

my daughter's artwork
pregnant with my son 2010

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Diana Mieczan said...

Ps: Those photos are totally adorable!!!

Diana Mieczan said...

Perfection is totally overrated and I'm so emotional after reading this post! You are such a lovely mommy and your kids are really sweet. I hope that one day when I have my own kids I can be as creative, fun and lovely as you are with your kiddos! Hugs and kisses, sweetie

Susan Anderson said...

I think you've got it exactly right, Caroline. Spending time with your children is everything.

And loving them.

Which amounts to the same thing, doesn't it?


Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure you summed up what I would write. I think we might be sisters in some ways.

karen said...

Beautiful beautiful post, Caroline! Your children are so lucky. And come to think of it, so are you!

Caroline said...

This post was deleted for 2 days along with all comments as Blogger fixed some technical problems within the system.