Jun 8, 2011

Dinner Party Idea: Make Your Own Place Mats!


Make Edgy Place Mats with Paper Twirl Flowers!
*The best thing about this project is that it doesn't have to be perfect. 
The edges are supposed to look rough--remember that you are working with paper, so have fun, don't stress and just go with it! This is kind of my crafting mantra!

It's amazing what a little paper, some glue, a few pairs of fun scissors and an imagination can make! Short of making a paper dress (now there's an idea!) I've made just about everything out of paper.

I love paper. Paper is kid friendly. You can buy it recycled or you can recycle it. It comes in endless colors and textures. It can be glued, glittered, shredded, cut, woven, painted and even sewn.

Paper Place Mats are a fun and original idea for any dinner party but this idea can also be adapted for a child's birthday party (think party theme cut-out's pasted on the paper) or any holiday event.
The possibilities are endless.

For the full, How To head on over to my tutorial site.

Unless you cut the paper mat perfectly straight, it looks sort of weird. So, I suggest that you make the edges look rough, on purpose.
I experimented with a few different ways and I found the best way was to make the edges ruffled (with pinking shears or paper scissors, or use normal scissors in a jig-jag cutting pattern) so they look purposely "rough" and "edgy".

I think this adds a cool look to any table and I'm sure it will be a subject of conversation, which is always nice at a party. 
Enjoy your day! 

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Rebecca said...

You'll have to re-post this near Thanksgiving! What a fun idea!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Beautiful place mats!

Sweeter Hours said...


Susan Anderson said...

This is so much fun, Caroline!

And I can't cut a straight line to save my life, so you have given me the perfect solution.

Pinking shears!!!


Diana Mieczan said...

I'm having a little party this weekend and I cant wait to use this idea for it. Thanks, sweetie. They look great! Kisses