Jun 14, 2011

summer boredom buster idea

make cardboard computers
 Here's a fun, summer boredom buster idea for you: create a cardboard office for your tots! Draw office equipment on cardboard. Fold and tape. The imagination is the limit with this one so think outside the " "box". 

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Susan Anderson said...

Those kids of yours are so lucky.

And I would love to be around to see how creative they are as they get older!


karen said...

I especially love the parachute one - very very cute. Actually it could be as cute as you want to make it. I love your creativity.

Rebecca said...

I love the parachute and the plantapillar! Wonderful ideas! You're so creative. And you inspire me to do more. Thank. You.

Ellen said...

Seeing the parachutes made me remember making them as a child from hankies. Oh you are much to young to know about that. But as a child I had cloth/linen hankies that had a children's theme on them instead of tissue.

Cute idea to do!

Light Trigger said...

cute idea!

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love these ideas.