Jun 25, 2011

fish tank artwork: customize your own tank background!

Make Your Own Fish Tank Background

Ever thought the sold-in-stores fish tank backgrounds were a little cheesy? 
Well guess what? 
You can easily make your own!

Here's How:

Measure the back of the tank and cut a piece of paper to size.
Draw, paint or decoupage a backdrop. Think outside the box--your backdrop doesn't have to be sea related.
Once your drawing is complete, use contact paper, packing tape or laminate your drawing. Since I infamously use things I have around my house, we covered our drawings in packing tape. Even though the drawings will be affixed to the outside of the tank, this will help keep them dry.
Secure your drawings to the tank with masking or clear packing tape and voila--your little fish will have a whole new world to enjoy! You can make several different backgrounds and interchange them!



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Rebecca said...

Children's underwater scene and country fish are my two most favorite. I want one of each and now I need to get a fish....but the cat might try to eat them....gaahh! Glad to see your rescued fish are doing well though!

leigh hewett said...

That is adorable!

And So I Whisper said...

We don't have fish at home, but this is a great idea.
Have a great Sunday!

Ellen said...

Now that will not make a goldfish feel bored! You can give it a new scene every day! Cities, mountains, islands, silly places like a shopping stores! That is such a clever idea and I really do like that.

You have so much creativity and I am always delighted to see what you all are making whenever I see your post!

Susan Anderson said...

This is one crazy cool idea, Caroline!


Diana Mieczan said...

How brilliant! Now I want to get some fish:) How is your week so far, sweetie? Muah

karen said...

I love this!

Unknown said...

This is the cutest idea ever, Caroline! I love the cityscape.