Aug 9, 2011

DIY: Bohemian Garland and Felt Bunting Banner

I can't really decide what it is about garlands and banners that I like so much. I suppose the fact that they can transform the look of any space from ordinary to festive has great appeal. I mean, who doesn't get excited when they see things decorated for a party, right? 
Well, why not make everyday life festive!

Here are 2 banners you can make for your home. 
The first is is a bohemian style garland that you can literally fashion out of random stuff found around your house. The second is the basic bunting (triangular) banner which can be made in 10 minutes! 


The Bohemian Garland:

For this garland, look for these kinds of items:
Twine or String (black, brown, white etc)
Needlepoint thread
Thin and thick ribbon

For the full how to, jump over to the tutorial


The Bunting Banner: 

The bunting banner is so simple--you just cut triangles out of felt and sew (or use no sew hem tape!) them onto ribbon! The felt triangles need no sewing. You simply cut them out then sew (or iron them on with hem tape) them to the ribbon.

Do you know what makes me happy? Hanging banners even when there is no party!
What makes you happy?
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Holyoke Home said...

These are DARLING. Yes, there is definitely something about bunting....

Being really grounded makes me happy. You know the feeling, right? Just - grounded. Sure. Content.

Jessica said...

Those are to cute!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute banners.

Unknown said...

Oh! Love these. Creativity is my favorite thing! Fantastic!

Rebecca said...

I love the bunting banner. I'm wondering if you would make a bunting banner for me? One with more primary colors and the other with more pastel colors? (Primary colors to have letter for Joey and the other letters for Isabella). I've always wanted one for their birthday's.

Susan Anderson said...

You're right, banners are fun. And I never thought of them as an everyday decoration until I saw the way you use them in your home.

Neat stuff!


karen said...

I agree. Banners just make things a party!

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Super cute!!! :) Happy Tuesday!!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

These are great. I'm going to try making the circle one.

Diana Mieczan said...

Totally agree, there is something truly special about garlands and banners. I cant wait to make both of those for my flat. Great inspiration, sunshine. Muah