Aug 1, 2011

DIY: Summer Lantern

Tin Lantern
Creating your own lanterns for an outdoor party is easy (the kids even helped me with this one) and all you need are a few simple items.  

To make these little lanterns I
1. painted some tin cans (tuna cans!),
2. tied ribbons around them then added buttons (some vintage, some new) and lastly
3. added a candle and hurricane lantern glass*.
 For the complete How To plus more pictures of the project, be sure to visit my tutorial site.  

Even if you aren't throwing a party, handmade lanterns can be fun addition to your outdoor decor! Go for it!

*The hurricane glass can be inexpensively purchased at any store that sells candles.
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leigh hewett said...

This is so clever. Those lanterns are adorable!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute lanterns.

Susan Anderson said...

Those lanterns are cute as a button!


Bel said...

Those are AMAZING. Great job!!!

Belly B :)