Aug 5, 2011

Scenes: Pulling Rabbits Out of My Hat

Let's face it, if I'm resorting to making paper dresses as a "craft project", it's probably a sign that I might just need some new tricks!
 With that being said, we actually had fun with this one, even if it was a last ditch craft-y effort on my part.

 Everyone was in a hilarious mood so the fact that we were pretty-much making ourselves into "cartoons" was fitting. I think the kids' expressions are pretty telling!

Need a craft project with a sense of humor?
Well, here's your ticket:

Idea: Making Paper Clothing 
(dresses, astronaut jumpsuits, etc)

Step 1: Find a willing participant to be traced onto butcher block type paper. Then, trace the shape of clothing around the child. 
Step 2:  Cut out the clothing and have the children decorate and color
Step 3: Once decorated, trace the shape of the clothing onto another piece of paper
Step 4: punch holes with a hole puncher around the edges of the two cut-outs (front and back)
Step 5: Help the child slip on the clothing then tie around the edges with ribbon. 
Step 6: Take a Picture because if your children are anything like mine, that paper outfit won't last long! 

In other news, We've been going on nature walks in my neighborhood. We basically walk off of the sidewalks (on the grass etc) and look for great finds like feathers, cool rocks, and we even spotted a bird's nest the other day!
Does anyone have any suggestions about feather collecting? I've told the kids just to look at them because I am thinking maybe we shouldn't be handling feathers we find in the "wild" (aka suburban sidewalks)? Although, when I think about it,  I remember doing this as a child so I am not even certain what my concern is.
Any suggestions?

Also this week, we made Christmas ornaments and it felt so weird doing that in the middle of the hot summer. We even tried listening to Christmas music just to kind of get in that sparkly mood but it still wasn't happening.
Finally, we got out the glitter. If glitter won't get you feeling Christmas-y, I don't know what will! Anyway, this is all for an upcoming project I've been asked to work on so I will be sure to keep you posted about that. 

So tell me, are things getting a little crazy around your house as the summer is winding down? 
Over here?
Everything is completely N-O-R-M-AL.
Can't you tell?
Have a Great Weekend!
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MostlyFlumxdArt said...

Cute idea..I love your daughter's face in the laying down pic. Normal...hmmmm. As normal as it ever gets around here.

Caroline said...

MostylyFlumxd--I honestly can't stop laughing when I look at them. I was standing over her to trace her and she just started making these super cute faces. It was a classic kodak moment.


Rebecca said...

The girls are beautiful and oh my word, it's like real life paper dolls!

Holyoke Home said...

What are you talking about?! This idea is PURE GENIUS. It's like making little paper doll dresses, but about a million times better! I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED this as a little girl!

Caroline said...

Holyhoke--thanks for the vote of confidence! I would have loved it too and my kids really did get a kick out of it! Although, as a note to anyone who is thinking about making these--a single hole puncher would work best. I couldn't find mine so I was using my 3-hole puncher for paper (you know, the kind that you punch the 3 holes all at once). Not so great for working along the curves of the dress.

karen said...

I think that's a cute project! And who knows - you might have a budding designer on your hands!

Susan Anderson said...

You are the master (mistress?) of pulling rabbits out of your hat. And everything else, as far as I'm concerned!


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