Aug 12, 2011


I have a ton of stuff to tell you about today but mostly, I wanted to say, thank you for visiting here when you do. The support and general good will I have received here has been so inspirational. There are a million blogs out there, so that you take the time to visit mine, it's humbling really.   
Recently, I've had a chance to provide DIY ideas for and MomsRising and now has contacted me and wants to include a project of ours in a Christmas line-up. I will keep you posted about that. As you can imagine, this has all been very flattering, especially considering I mostly fashion things out of tin cans and then call them "crafts". 
I am playing around with a new blog header design. My mom loves the original one (that I sketched out in 2009) but I get the itch to change it up every so often. Since I've never had a professional design here, you'll have to humor me a little. But the main thing I want to convey is that this is a fun place. 
"Make life fun" is my new tag-line. What do you think?

And lastly, 
Just for you:

If you shop at eShakti online they are offering Salsa Pie blog readers $20 off of your purchase (valid through September 15th). 
When you order, use the code: 

The good people at eShakti have told me that each time one of my readers makes a purchase using that code, they will give me a little jingle (money off) towards my purchase. 
See? You win, I win! I like it! 
If you aren't familiar with eShakti, you should check them out. I love their clothing and especially the fact that they can be custom made. You simply provide your measurements (they give a great how to) online and submit and voila! your garment is tailored for you! Oh and feel free to tell all your friends about this offer too!

So in summary (for my speed readers, wink, wink):
Thank you, 
Exciting stuff is happening for this blog, 
Excuse us if Salsa Pie's web design scares you--I'm no graphic designer 
Let's-go- shopping! 

Have a great weekend everyone. 

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Rebecca said...

Oh Wow! On the Parenting Gig!!!! You are amazing and I can't wait to read all about it.....amigonnahavtawait THAT LONG? I'm just itching to find out more!

And!!! I can't really say it on MY blog because it's not like it's a secret who I am or anything but I'm just dying to tell someone. My very best friend since first grade who is practically my SISTER is going to have a baby! She just found out and I'm over the moon excited.

Susan Anderson said...

All of this news about your blog is exciting but not a bit surprising to me!

Like your mom, I loved your old header, but this one is great, too.

As for eShakti, I need to buy something there for sure. A girl in Dave's singles ward turned up at church in one a couple of weeks ago. It was not only darling, but it fit her like a glove. That kind of fit really does make a difference!

Keep us posted on all the exciting Salsa Pie happenings!


Caroline said...

Rebecca--congratulations to your friend! That is awesome news! xo

Sue--I've been really impressed with the eShakti clothes. The designs are really flattering and fun. They seem to work well on any body type which is fabulous.

thanks for all your support, guys. I really appreciate it. :)

ellen said...

parenting dot com - wow! congrats, caroline. love reading - oh, and i like the new header- i noticed it before i read the post. definitely conveys "fun". :-)

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Love the new blog header. congrats on the Very cool.

karen said...

I'm weighing in on your tagline: Make Life Fun. I love it, and I love the new design! I haven't been to eShakti yet, but it sounds like something I MUST do. Thanks for the tip!