Aug 10, 2011

Superhero Capes!

This week, Moms Rising asked if I would create a quick superhero cape-making tutorial in honor of today, where moms everywhere across the country are coming together to ask for support of comprehensive chemicals reform. This means, safer products that we can use in our homes with our children!

This is what is happening in parks everywhere today: moms and kids across the country will come together for a National Day of Action to ask our Senators to be superheroes for kids by supporting comprehensive chemicals reform. The kids are going to be wearing red capes and delivering letters to our Senators. 

You can find my full tutorial on their website here for my Easy Felt and Grosgrain Ribbon Cape.

p.s. Here, in pictures, is a little about our adventure this morning, attending the event in our area. Since we live just outside of Baltimore city, we had to drive into the city where we were meeting the other moms at a park. The traffic wasn't bad and with four children in the car, I was happy about that!

When we arrived, our kids dressed in red capes and we all wrote letters to our Senator. Our letters simply asked for support of legislation that will make chemicals such as those used in household products, safer for our families. 

We had a great time and I hope all of our collective efforts across the country will make a difference!

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Susan Anderson said...

This is important reform! And a cute cape, too!!


Ellen said...

I like how you carefully explain by word and photos. With make-believe, capes can take on all sorts of roles just as the wearer can.

Rebecca said...

Those are cute. I like the block/squares to give the capes some personality! We have a couple of home made capes that are more of a cloak or something because they have 'hoods'. I'll have to post photos of them sometime.

karen said...

Excellent! I love the many companies that are coming out with safe or at least safER products to use in our homes. Honestly, in our homes we don't need industrial strength products - we just want things clean. And safe/non-toxic.
Cute cape - I need me some more little grandsons who want to be superheroes! (The girls all want to be princesses...and they are.)

Anita said...

Thank you so much for these pictures of your adventures-- and of course, for sharing your excellent cape tutorial!


Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The capes are super as is the cause.