Sep 8, 2011

Birthday Flyer DIY

My son just turned ONE (where on earth does the time go?!) so I made a cute little birthday flyer, which I framed and placed on our mantle, for his special day!

Here's How:

Step 1: Print a picture of your birthday boy or girl on copy (not photo-paper) paper. You can either cut out the printed picture and glue onto a larger sheet of copy paper or arrange your picture when printed to print in the middle of your copy paper. 

Step 2: Cut out the shape of a birthday hat from fabric or felt. Cut out a star or dot for the birthday hat "tassle" on top. I used a satin-y fabric for my hat and then yellow felt for my "tassle"

Step 3: using a glue stick glue the hat and tassle onto the picture of your birthday boy/girl/twins/triplets etc

Step 4: Once dry decorate the Flyer with doodles such as "Happy Birthday Champ" etc

Step 5: Frame! I like to use (once again as in my mod dot art project) acrylic frames. These are inexpensive and blend in with your party decor!

Happy Birthday!
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Ellen said...

Happy First Birthday!!!! Wow a year went by way to quickly. That is so cute and I love the red hat with the idea of texture.

Hope the birthday boy has had a great day!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute frame! happy birthday to your boy! Time does fly by.

Rebecca said...

Oh dear, is he really already a year old, already? That just does not seem possible. Not at all! He is a doll! I bet his big sisters are great at helping take care of him.

leigh hewett said...

One already? Happy Birthday to Oliver!!

Susan Anderson said...

Can't believe it!!

Happy birthday to your cute Oliver...


Diana Mieczan said...

Happy Birthday to sweet little Oliver!!! Kisses and hugs