Sep 26, 2011

Little Hands Artwork (Iron-on from a Copy Machine!)

I find that the hands of my little ones are getting bigger by the day so I am trying to keep-up and find clever ways to "capture" the moment.
Iron-on art transfer paper is always so much fun to work with because there are endless possibilities. Last week, I had an idea for an iron-on project: copy machine prints of my children's hands!

In short, I made copies of each child's hand using our printer/copy machine then copied those hand copies onto transfer paper. If your children are very still (and you are brave) you could copy the hands directly onto the iron-on transfers.
I experimented transferring the hands onto colorful patterned fabric and then onto white fabric. The white background turned out to be my favorite.

For the full-How-To (and tricks to avoid my mistakes), jump to my tutorial page. 

For the gist you will need:
1. a copier/printer
2. Iron-on transfer sheets for an inkjet printer
3. Hands!
4. An iron set to the Dry setting
5. A frame
6. Fabric
7. A staple gun

Another idea for this project: before you copy the copy-paper hands onto the transfer paper--you could have the children color them with crayon or other fun colors. I may experiment with that and see how it works--but I think for now I really like the way these turned out!

Have a great day! 
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Susan Anderson said...

What a treasure. I love this!


Angela said...

I love the way these came out. PINNED!

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I love how these came out. I will have to try it.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Sue! A treasure indeed!

Angela--thanks for pinning!

SMT--you should definitely do this. I was amazed at the detail of the palms. You can see every line of their hands, unlike a handprint (in paint) project.

leigh hewett said...

That is SO cool!

karen said...

Oooooh! I just love this project - and I agree - I like it on the white. Maybe we can do this with the girls in October when we're visiting.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Leigh!

Karen--I broke the project up into 2 days. Practically speaking (with y big crew) we spent one "arts and crafts" session copying our hands and the next day I printed them out and ironed them on. After the kids were in bed, I stapled the fabric onto the frame! :)