Sep 30, 2011

Scenes from Our House: Cereal Box City

It is always so worth it when we roll up our sleeves and make something with our children. What we are teaching them is that a cereal box is not just a box. It's a bank, a skyscraper or other endless possibilities. 

Sometimes it can be a little hectic to make something with the kids. 
Trust me, I know this. 
My little handyman "helped" me form our imaginary city by pulling out half the roll of tape! But I know he will always feel a part of all of our activities even though it may make more of a mess. 

The girls had a great time painting and deciding which box would be which building. The fun wasn't just in the finished project--but in the creation!

Creativity always goes something like that. 

Want to make your own cereal box city?

Here's How:
 Empty out your boxes and then find the seam along the long side of the box, Open the seam.
Flip the box inside out opening all the seams then once flipped out where the brown side is showing, glue or tape your boxes shut. Form triangle roofs my removing the front sides of the box on one end then cutting out triangles. Replace the triangles, fold the sides of the box to form a roof and tape. 
Draw details on your buildings with marker then paint or color your boxes. 

Have a great weekend! Make something!
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leigh hewett said...

This looks like so much fun! My kids would want to put on capes and stomp through the city!

Caroline said...

Leigh--this is the perfect cape-wearing and stomping on activity, I say! Just a notch down from sand castle building and stomping!

Susan Anderson said...

You need to go read Serene's blog post today at

Her kids have found another interesting use for cereal boxes.



Rebecca said...

My kids would love this. They'd save it for a few days and bring in hot wheels and little people.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

The city looks great.

karen said...

Cutest little kids! I love making art projects out of what is at hand.

Jennifer Perkins said...

Sooo cute! Every time I take my old boxes to the recycling bin I think I should be doing something fun with them for the kids. Just made one cereal box into a guitar a week or so ago. This box buildings idea would go perfectly with the giant cardboard road I made awhile back.

Thanks for the idea!

Diana Mieczan said...

It looks super cool:) Have a great weekend ahead, darling. Kisses

Maggie May said...

I pinned this!! Awesome!