Sep 14, 2011

Sea You Later Summer (DIY Seashore Napkin Rings)

Dear Lovely Summer, 

We will miss you. 
Oh how we love your Seashells and Seashores. We like to dip our toes in the cool water of your lakes and streams and we live to drip melting popsicles on your crunchy, thirsty grass.
 To drink lemonade under the shade of your grand trees a little longer would be great!
alas, another season is here and it's time to say goodbye

...until next year!

Love, the Salsa Pie crew

p.s. Summer, we had a "Sea You Later Summer" picnic just for you and we hope you like it.
We also hope that Autumn won't be too cranky with us for using seashells in our craft project. We thought it was the perfect way to use the children's stash of random shells and knock-out a craft project in one.

Want to make some Glitter Seashell Napkin Rings?

Here's How:

Materials Needed:
Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
Elmers (or similar) White Glue
Rope, Twine, Raffia (even Ribbon would do)

Step 1: 
Lay the shells on newspaper and coat in white glue. Sprinkle with Glitter. Optional step: once dry spray with a clear coat of sealer spray.
Step 2:
Braid your rope.twine/etc the length desired (about 8 inches long or a bit shorter). Play around with the length based on the thickness of your napkins.
Step 3:
Once braided, loop the braid and glue into a ring with hot glue
Step 4: 
Glue the underside of the glittered seashell onto the glued-closed section of the rope-ring

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leigh hewett said...

Those are aborable!

Rebecca said...

Those are so cute and I think you should save them and use them for a Mardi Gras celebration. That wonderful shade of purple does it for me. Makes me all happy inside~

I love Oliver's wonderful eyelashes. Man alive...the boy is getting big. Shouldn't he still be an infant?

karen said...

So pretty, Caroline! I could do this - I have so many random shells.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute. My kids would love to make these. We have a ton of shells too.

Caroline said...

Thanks, Leigh!

Rebecca, these ARE very Mardi Gras-ish colors! I hadn't thought of that but you are right!!!

Karen--Random shells are the best fro this project since they will be covered in glitter anyway!

SMT--the cool thing is that this is something that both kids and parents can make together!.

Susan Anderson said...

You guys do summer right!

And these napkin rings are about as cool as it gets.