Nov 30, 2011

Being Jolly

Don't let the greenery fool you--this year, I have absolutely no clue what I am doing!

The children have ransacked the holiday ornaments and glitter is everywhere. But despite the mess, the excitement is contagious. One of my daughters keeps asking me to be sure to lift her up into the air so she can reach the "tippy top" of the Christmas tree. She'd like to put the star on the top and I can't wait to see her do this. 

Some moments I just want to freeze in time...

What are your holiday traditions? 
Do you decorate on your own or does the family join in? 
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Pretty wreath. We decorate the tree together. I do the rest. Seems like there is so much to do at this time of the year.

Rebecca said...

I let the kids put all the ornaments on the tree. They have a blast doing it. About 90% of the ornaments end up on the same 5-6 branches so once the kids leave the room, I scatter them out a bit.

Susan Anderson said...

Looks like Christmas is well underway at your house!

Dave and I got the tree up yesterday, and the kids will help me decorate it over the weekend while Dave puts up lights outside.

Around the house, I tend to be the one that places things...although everyone has a few favorites they like to take care of personally.

We used to pop corn, but this year I'm not sure I can resist eating it!


Ellen said...

With three adult daughters, two who don't live near us, the decorating of the tree has changed over the years. I always loved having everyone over for dinner, put on the Christmas music and decorating the tree. For now I take pleasure in my one daughter and son who I have adorn the tree.

It use to be the littlest one put the Angel on top but he is 15 and we can't lift him anymore. Last year he stood on the step stool and placed it....

This weekend we will begin the tradition for 2011....and I will smile, sing and then sit quietly after it is all done with the lights out and the glow of the tree...memories, sweet memories.