Nov 8, 2011

DIY: Two Fall Felt Brooches (Vintage Button and Glitter Letter Leaf)

I'm not a frilly person.  

 that being said, I am a huge fan of anything festive looking. I also enjoy the aesthetic contrast of delicate and dainty mixed with a little rough and tumble. I made some brooches (corsages) this weekend playing around with these concepts and some fall designs. 

Felt broaches are festive and make great gifts. Today, I'm sharing with you two different styles.  I think either of these would be perfect for a Thanksgiving celebration!

A few notes before we get started: The first felt brooch is a little more time consuming to make and I found this one less easy to make with the kids afoot. The second brooch (glitter letter) was super easy to construct and the kids even helped me. 

Project 1:
Vintage Button Felt Brooches

Materials Needed: 
felt, hot glue and glue gun, buttons, scissors, leaf templates (such as these), pen or marker(for tracing), pins (straight or with safety latch) for corsage pinning, thin cardboard
First I gathered felt, scissors, pen and leaf template and traced leaf shapes and cut them out. Using the lid of an approx 1.5 to 2 inch bottle (think medicine bottles) I traced out the shape of a circle on thin cardboard (like a  cereal box) and on the felt. 
I flipped the felt leaf I cut out to the side I wanted to be the back. Using hot glue, I glued the circle cardboard to the leaf and then the felt circle on top to cover. 
If you'd like to add a contrasting shaped leaf to the large background leaf, trace the template (sized to less than 1/2 the size of the large leaf) and cut out. I added an Oak shaped leaf in a contrasting color. 
Then, I cut out small "leaves" 
Next,  I glued the base of each "leaf" together with the hot glue (and a pinch from my fingers) to form some dimension. 
At this point, I cut off the base of the leaves to make them blunt and glued them (three in a bunch) together at the base
I then glued the little tri-leaf creation to the leaf 
On top of the tri-leaf creation I glued my smaller Oak leaf
I finished off with some vintage buttons. At this point you can either glue a brooch pin with safety clasp onto your brooch or you can use a corsage pin to affix to each recipient. 

Project 2:
Glitter Letter Leaf Corsage
Materials Needed:
Felt, leaf templates, small round lid, hot glue and glue gun, elmer's glue, glitter, scissors

Just like the first project, I began by gathering my materials. I cut out the shape of an Oak leaf for the background of this Brooch using a template I found and altered from online. 
Then using the lid from an empty medicine bottle (or any other 1.5-2 inch in diameter round shape) I traced a circle onto the felt. 
Before cutting out the circle shape, I wrote, with white (elmer's type) glue the letter of the first name of each person on in the center of the circle. For a cute affect, I used lowercase letters. 
I sprinkled glitter onto the glue-written letter then shook off the excess glitter. 
I allowed the glue to dry completely
Once dry I cut out each circle and then used a stiff brush (like an eyebrow brush from your make-up bag) to brush aways the loose glitter. 
At this point I glued the circle glittered letter to the Oak leaf shape
At this point you could also add the cardboard and round felt to the back if you wished, but I left this step off 
Glue safety brooch pin to the back or use a corsage pin. Now, take a bow, you are finished!

Happy Fall! 
It's my favorite time of the year. 
How about you? Do you like Autumn?

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leigh hewett said...

These are so cute. I think that Griffin and I will make them as gifts for his teachers at school!!!

Susan Anderson said...

These are so much fun! And I love Leigh's idea of making them for teachers. My sister would be thrilled to get something handmade and adorable from one of her students!


PS. What I could see of your girls made them look so grown up, Caroline!!

Caroline said...

Leigh--I LOVE that idea. Also--just like I mentioned in the post--the 2nd ones were easy to make with the kids. They helped me sprinkle the glitter and handed me pieces to assemble. The first project I had to basically work on after they were in bed. The tiny pieces to needed to be hot glued were a little tricky to do with the kiddos.

Sue--they are growing TOO fast. I need to post some updated pictures of the whole crew soon!

Rebecca said...

I think the second one would have been a great craft project for the fall party at school that was a couple of weeks ago. Would have been great!

Hopefully I remember this for next year.

Maggie May said...

These are adorable!

Pinned! :)

Diana Mieczan said...

I adore autumn and I would totally wear one of those brooches. Such a fantastic idea and they look oh-so beautiful and stylish. Have a lovely afternoon. Muah

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute brooches.

Owner said...

These are so pretty, Caroline, I love them! I'll be featuring them on The Crafty Crow :)