Nov 22, 2011

Hospital Stay

Dear Friends, 
I have not been posting lately because my five year old daughter has been in the hospital a few days with Pneumonia. We are expecting her to come home tomorrow. For those of you who have already heard this news and have been praying for our daughter--thank you. She is doing much better and your prayers and thoughts were and are so appreciated. 
I checked my email this evening to find that my feedburner was sending out a very old post to my email subscribers--a post from September. I am not sure how this happened or how to correct it, but the for those who knew about what was going on in my personal life, the timing of this old post being emailed seemed odd. Anyway, sorry for that technical glitch. 

Sending much love to you all and we hope to be back to our normal operating mode here soon with our sweet little girl home and healthy. 
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Flu said...

This "pneumoniae" posting, completely useful..

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Hope your daughter get to come home soon. I'll pray for a speedy recovery.

Noodle said...

So glad your daughter is doing better. I just saw that she has been ill. My best wishes and prayers go out to you and your family as you look towards bringing her back home!

Rebecca said...

Glad to hear she was able to come home. Lots of love and prayers for a super speedy recovery and a very healthy family.

Unknown said...

I will be praying for your daughter. Glad that she will be going home!

Unknown said...

Caroline, I just read this post as I was checking in on my Blog friends this Thanksgiving. Saying a prayer for your sweet little girl! I hope you are all home snugly and warm today! A happy and blessed Thanksgiving to you!


Susan Anderson said...

I'm assuming that she is home safe and sound for Thanksgiving. Sure hope so!

Hugs to your cute family. Have a happy day, Caroline!


Caroline said...

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, concern and prayers. Lizzie was discharged yesterday and we are having a wonderful (and very thankful) Thanksgiving with her home.

Love, Caroline