Dec 5, 2011

DIY Stocking Stuffers

This year, I decided to spread some extra Holiday cheer with quirky stocking stuffers. I decorated small tins with glittery, decorative tape and filled them with jolly things to stuff inside our stockings. You can easily decorate and fill tins too in just a few simple steps. The possibilities are endless.
Solid colored Holiday tins
Decorative craft tape (This can be purchased at any craft store. I used glitter “Trim” tape that I purchased for under $6)
Things to stuff inside the tins: gift certificates, candies, cookies, etc.
Step 1
Choose a template for the design of your tin. I created my own with specific gifts in mind.
Step 2
Cut out your template design then measure a strip of tape the length of your design
Step 3
Snip off the piece of tape you’ve measured then trace the template onto the tape (I flipped my tape over then traced onto the back)
Step 4
Cut out the design you traced onto the tape, peel off the adhesive backing and stick onto the center of the top of your tin.
Step 5
Your tin is now decorated! Wasn’t that simple? Now, fill it with fun things. I was feeling extra merry so I related each gift to the design on the tin. ‘Tis the season!
Happy holidays!
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Those are really cute. I'm going to the tutorial to check them out.

Unknown said...

Ooh! These are so fun and cute!

Rebecca said...

You guys are the greatest. Love your little prop elf!

Susan Anderson said...

Not only are these cute, but your photos look professional.

They are just gorgeous!


Caitlin @ Hardly Housewives said...

I just love funky. And I second the comment that your pictures look crazy professional. Thanks for the idea!

karen said...

Merry Christmas, Caroline! I feel like I'm coming up for air after the longest, busiest time. Your family is adorable, and I love your ideas!

Emily said...

Where did you find the glitter tape? I've been calling craft stores and haven't been able to find any!

Caroline said...

Emily, I found the glitter tape at Micheals in Maryland. It was actually sold in the woodworking section as "Trim" Tape. I will see if I can find some (perhaps online for you) so stay tuned. :)

Caroline said...

Update:I've received a few emails about the trim tape--apparently it's not everywhere. I purchased my tape--called "Trim Accents" (made by DCWV Home out of Provo Utah) from a Miceals at 7665 Arundel Mills Blvd Hanover MD 21076 phone 410-796-2472. My udnerstanding is that this is a product sold in Micheals but perhaps it's not everywhere. :( I hope that helps!

Punky Prep said...

Love this idea! Just found your blog, it's fab!

Punky Prep said...

Love this idea! Just found your blog, it's fab!