Jan 23, 2012

Cork Stamp Art

The truth is, I can be a bit of a slacker when it comes to DIY projects. Believe it or not--I'm always looking for the shortcut to a project! So, when I saw some great cork stamp ideas buzzing around, I was determined to make it easy on myself (and you!)

I skipped a few steps (as in all of them) and just used the cork, round and ready for my stamping tool! Possibilities are endless on this one, plus this is an awesome project for kids too!

Materials Needed:
Stamp Pads
Frame (optional)
Gather materials and lay out your paper
Press one end of your cork into the ink pad and then stamp onto your paper. It helps to twist the cork when you stamp it. 

I chose to make two patterns--lines of dots
and then a heart out of dots. the possibilities are obviously endless

I framed my cork art but you can just do this for fun!

This is a great activity for kids too! 

The End. 

 p.s. The battery on my camera died during this project so while charging it, I used the webcam to take most of these. See? I'm a photography slacker too!
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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Super cute idea and a good reason to drink some more wine.

Diana Mieczan said...

That is such a wonderful project and I agree with Secret Mom, what a great reason to drink more wine:) Giggle. Have a lovely day,my dear.

karen said...

Cute, simple project! I like it.