Jan 6, 2012

DIY Gold Painted Frame (brushed-on spray paint technique)

A few years ago, I bought a mirror at Home Goods for  about $45 to go above my fireplace mantle. I thought it was a great find but a few days later when I lit a candle on the mantle below it, one side of the frame melted from the heat of the candle. The candle basically made a drippy looking dent in the corner. While I was SUPER thankful that nothing worse happened (like a fire in my home) I was pretty bummed about my mirror. 

No biggie--but how was I going to hide the dent in the corner?

I decided I would try to paint the mirror and give it a restoration/antiqued kind of look. So, I bought two cans of spray paint and devised a plan for my 2012 mirror. 

For the full tutorial, click here
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Rebecca said...

Love the mirror before and after. What a way to 'reuse' or up-cycle something that others would have just pitched.

And is that Oliver standing off to the right in that one photo? What a big boy!!

Caroline said...

Thanks, rebecca. I wasn't sure how it would turn out but I ended up liking it. :)

p.s. Yes--that is Oliver--can you believe how big he is? They grow so fast!!

Susan Anderson said...

Very creative way to not only salvage but enhance this mirror. Great job, Caroline!


Maggie May said...

It's beautiful! Well played.

karen said...

I LOVE this technique! I have a couple of things I'd like to try it on. Thanks for the tutorial.

Kristie@fixitupwoman.com said...

I just have to tell you, I love your blog and all of your crafts that you include your kids in. You inspire me! Kristie