Jan 26, 2012

DIY Heart Tree!

It's kind of become a tradition that I make a heart tree here each year before Valentine's Day. 
I made one the other day while my older girls were at school and my littlest ones were playing around the house. It literally took me 10 minutes. You can either use branches, natural and straight from the outdoors or you can paint them. I painted mine gold this year just for something extra special!
If you want to make one--here's how:

stuff some branches into a vase. you can use shredded paper to hold them in place.
cut heart shapes out of paper. thicker paper works better, like colored card stock or craft paper.
place a hot glue dab on the base of the back of each heart
stick each heart to the branches in your vase

There you have it!

p.s. This was our Heart Tree last year:

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Unknown said...

That is so pretty, Caroline. How are you??? We haven't "chatted" in awhile, I hope you all are well and happy. :)


Susan Anderson said...

I love your little heart tree.

Once, when I was in college, my roommate got a large branch from a tree outside our dorm and stuck it in a pot with rocks in it (straight up, to look like a tree). She then made all these pink, red, purple, and white hearts with cute sayings on them and hung them on the tree with ribbon. It was there by my bed when I woke up on Valentine's Day.

It was such a cute thing to do!


Maggie May said...